Make Every Phone A Cell Phone With Andrew Wireless's "Extensis"
Extensis???? What Is That?

The Extensis is a totally new product.  If you have a Cell Phone and make phone calls from your home or offices you need to read about this.

The Extensis by Andrew Wireless Products  is a very simple device based on a very simple idea.  Marrying a Cell Phone to a Home or Office phone system.  Marrying?? Why?? What???

Think of it this way.  Most folks never use all the minutes they pay for on their Cell Phones.  So, to take full advantage of that unused but paid for time, most folks use their Cell Phone at the home or office instead of their "desk phone".  Others just eat the "lost" minutes.  After all it can be a pain to use the Cell Phone over a "desk phone".  Hey, sometimes you can only get good reception in one room facing just the right way.  Also, you go from room to room at your home or office, and then if you want to call using the Cell phone, or if it rings, you have to quickly find it.

That's why most folks just don't use their cell phones when a desk phone is available.  But this is about to change.

As I said above, Andrew Wireless has come up with a simple idea, and a simple to use device, that connects your cell phone to your desk phone.  Now don't think that just because the Extensis is a simple device to install and hook up, it was an easy device to design.  The reason you have not seen a unit like this before is that it is no easy task to control a cell phone from any and all desk phones.  Remember, you may be answering that call or dialing out from a desk phone, but the call is really going over your cell phone.

To use the Extensis, you simply plug your cell phone into the cradle.  Place the unit where you get the best reception (this can even be at the top of a closet), plug in the supplied power transformer (the unit will also charge you phone’s battery), then plug one end of a standard phone cord into the Extensis, and the other end into a desk phone.  To hook this up to all your phones (as the "main" line or an additional line), just connect it to your existing phone wiring (make sure the line you’re connecting it to is not already connected to a working phone line).  Bingo, you get a dial tone on every phone it is connected to.  When someone calls the cell phone, every phone rings, and so on.  Want to remove your cell phone from the "system", just pull it out of the cradle and take it with you (you will lose the dial tone it provided to the desk phones). To re-attach it to the system, just put it back into the cradle.

The only drawback  found in using this unit is, if it is connected to a digital phone, you can not use it as a modem phone line.

Emergency, Emergency!!!!

Here is another reason to use this unit.  Ever have the phones "go out" at your home or office?  Not only is it frustrating, but it can be an expensive loss of business.  With the Extensis, you get a reliable "back up” to your phone company provided phone lines.  So, in an emergency you still have a phone line to use.  In fact, if you plug the unit’s transformer into a power source that's connected to a UPS unit, you have a phone line that will work even if someone cuts both your power and standard phone lines.

Back up phone line????

In the Alarm industry some customers know the importance of backing up their Alarm Systems connection to the phone line, by providing a "radio" back up connection.  In fact some of those units are running on the Cellular phone infrastructure.  With the Extensis, those same people can now "back up" their voice phone lines.

Some folks out there even have Alarm Systems with "Emergency” medical alerts that they carry around their home or office.  These folks have reason to worry about getting help in an emergency.  With an Extensis and a "two-line" phone, these same folks can have an emergency phone connection.  In fact most folks with extreme medical conditions already have a Cell phone for emergency use in their car.  So the Extensis would be a very logical and practical addition to their "safety net".

This unit is so easy to use, and is so right on target for it's designed market.  BizNet gives the Extensis the "On Target Award".

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