River Style

As some of you readers know most of us here at BizNet OnLine are also involved in Defenders Of The Wild Life   Now if we totally discount or out and out ignore all the great reasons to be involved with this organization, one good one still remains.

I got'a go to the River.... It's not because I want to or need to, it's because of my commitment to DOWL.... Yah, right... Lets tell the truth.

About two weeks ago my stress level was not only getting to me (I not only a write about not stressing out, I'm usually pretty good at not stressing out), but it was pegging the stress meter.  So, when talk started of a DOWL project on the River, I just had to go.  Hey it's not a vacation, or time off work.  It's part of my environmental commitment...  Yeah, right.  God, I needed to get away.

The River.  We don't look at clocks.  We do not use the phone.  We get done what we get done and don't care about the rest.  When we are at the River we marvel at the beauty all around us.  The peace and quiet.  The tranquility.  Once getting to the River it takes less then an hour to totally de-stress.  In fact that is why the River and the Environment is so important to me.  It is my sanctuary from the modern world.

The point I am making is that we all need a special place or activity that we get so wrapped up in, that everything else (like stress) melts away.  I used to do baking to de-stress but the diet put an end to that (As I have lost over 100 lbs, I really can't blow off the diet.  The dam thing is working).  So, if you have that special thing or place, don't be forced to use it, Just Use It!

The only reason you need to use it, is you need it.  If you get burned out no work will get done (or it will get done really badly), so take the time to recharge.

For myself, when I got back from my overnight trip to the River, the SH... hit the fan in no time.  As I was totally de-stressed it was much easier to deal with.  Had I not de-stressed I don't want to think about how badly I would have dealt with it.

This next week is going to be from hell.  I have some legal BS to deal with.  I am on deadline for this issue of BizNet, and I have another publication due out in 10 days.  Add to that a few more business commitments etc., and it is easy for the stress to go up. 

One quick note…  When I feel like I have too much stuff to do in a 24-hour time span, I stop looking at the big picture and just take it a task at a time.  And I don't think about the fact that I started working today at 5:00 am and it is now 9:30 pm and I'm working away.

I did take a break to talk on the phone.  It was bad news.  Looks like DOWL " "is doing another River thing this weekend.  Hey, I don't want to go.  I have to.  It's part of the commitment I made.... Yeah, right.

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