I Don't Want A motorcycle, All I want Is My LightSickle!

Last month when surfing the net for Relaxing stuff to write about I found this site: http://www.lightsickle.com/   This is the home of the LightSickle.  At first thought, I really did not give it much of a thought, but I browsed the site.  OK, the LightSickle is a light thing that is ever changing it's colors.  Big deal.  But then I got thinking about the 60's and the 70's and the hours I spent zoning out looking into a light box.  Just a light thing that changed colors.  Well I called the company and got one.

The Lightsickle is kind of a modern high tech interpretation of that old light box.  I can't tell you why, but when you turn this thing on and dim the lights you just sit and look at it.  You just look at it.  You don't think about the changing colors.  You don't think about how it works.  In fact you don't think.  You just relax.  So if you’re looking for something to stop your brain and give it a break, check this thing out at : http://www.lightsickle.com/

I found I liked the LightSickle so much we gave it the WOW Award!

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