Office Emergencies #3
Written by: Chris Lundie

This is a continuation of last months article Office emergencies #2.  In this segment we will go over the basics of CPR. 

To check the pulse of a victim put two fingers on the Adams apple and move them down into the groove on the side of the neck.  This is the cortid artery.  Feel for a pulse for 5 – 10 seconds, if there is a pulse continue rescue breathing, if there is no pulse begin CPR.

To do CPR locate the bottom of the breastbone put two fingers on the notch and then place your hand above the fingers in the middle of the breastbone, interlock your fingers and give 15 compression’s and 2 breaths.  After 1 minute of doing CPR re-check the pulse.  If there is a pulse check for breathing, If there is still no pulse continue CPR.

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