Making Trouble And Giving You Needless Nightmares

Or Y2K Part 2 Is Only 20 Years Away! Are You Ready For It?

And Is Unix (and Lynx) Going To Crash ?

  Maybe were just a bunch of troublemakers over here at BizNet.  You know, too much time on our hands.  No real life to speak of.  ButÖ We thought you should know about this stuff.


Y2K Starts Again In 20 Years!


One of the big fixes used to beat the Y2K thing was to tell computers that the current year (in 1999)  was 2019 (so now that itís 2000, those same computers see it as 2020).  It worked.  It was easy, cheap, and quick.  What more could you ask?  How about a real fix.  This was just a 20-year band-aid.  In 2019 all hell may just break loose?


OK, itís Twenty Years Away, no big deal after all in 20 years who is going to be running this DOS stuff!  Oh, I just got hit by a dose of Deja-vuÖ. After all thatís what they said way back thenÖ ďCome on who is going to be running this stuff in the year 2000Ē.  So, just thought we would let you know.  Have a good nightís sleep, donít let the bed bugs bite.


You DOS Losers, I Run Unix.

I would not be so smug.  Itís going to hit the fan for Unix users in 2039.  Thatís when a little ďBugĒ in Unix is going to hit big time.  Unix uses a running time clock.  All the clocks in every Unix based system show a start time of January 1, 1970.  A Unix system keeps track of time by adding to this date.  The system has enough room to store about 68 years worth of time.  Lets see, thatís 1970 plus 68, that equals, the Ö. Hitting the fan about 2039. 

So would somebody just start working on a complete replacement now?

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