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Need A Battery…. Just Ad Air!

OK. You have a great emergency kit all set up.  In fact, your Cell Phone even plays a part in your emergency plans.  Good for you.  But what about the batteries for the thing?  OK, You always keep a good charge on your battery.  What if it goes bad? Or just dies? How are you going to recharge it with out electricity?  Get the idea?  Good


For the answer just surf on over to this web site:



A company called Electric Fuel makes a disposable Battery for most Cell Phones.  Now this is more than just a battery that you use once and throw away.  This is a battery with an unlimited shelf life, and a lot of power.  The technology behind these batteries is Zinc-Air.


Zinc-Air?  Yes. When one of these batteries is exposed to the surrounding air, a reaction takes place inside of it.  The result is a supply of electricity that can last days, and days, and days, and days…  The reality is that just one of these batteries will out perform several of your standard batteries, once the Zinc-Air battery has been activated.


Activated?  Mix with Air?  The Batteries come sealed in a heavy foil sealed wrapper.  Once this seal is open or broken the batteries are activated and must be used.  If you just let an activated battery sit around, it will eventually go dead.  So keep them sealed until you need them.  After all, it’s the seal that gives it a super shelf life, and deliveries it to you at full power upon opening it.


Not just for Emergency Kits.  These batteries are extremely reasonable in price.  If you use a Cell Phone in your day-to-day life, you should strongly think of keeping a few on hand.  Like in the car (nothing like a dead car battery and a low or dead Cell Phone battery); in your Brief Case…  Get stuck away from the office longer then expected,  You have a spare battery that is always ready to go.


Take one on vacation.  Why mess with having to pack your charger etc.; just take along some Zinc-Air  Batteries instead.  I think you get the idea.

For being such a great and useful product, and at a reasonable price, that just makes you go WOW.  BizNet gives the Zinc-Air Batteries our WOW Award.

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