Why Can't They All Just Get Along.
Now they can!
Hello for 3-98
By: Mike Lipshultz

You got your Voice Mail. You got your pager. You got your cell phone. You got your fax. You got your calling card. Now what?

Lets get them to work together.

This month BizNet Online Magazine takes a look at
Concero Switchboard by Centrepoint.

Most small business individuals have slowly grown their communication needs. Adding Voice Mail here, a Cell phone there and so on. So what do you do when you have all the communication tools? You make them work together as one unit.

With Concero Switchboard by Centrepoint you can bring it all together. Imagine an important client calls your home office number with a once in a lifetime deal. You’re not in so your voice mail takes a message. Your pager alerts you to the message; you call in on your cell phone, pick up the message, and returned the clients call all on only three minutes. The only problem, now the customer has left his office on a three-day weekend and on Tuesday when you finally reach him, he has replaced you "Oh, that matter. I could not reach you so we gave the job to someone else". Now if you had the Concero Switchboard by Centrepoint, handling all your incoming calls. It would have gone like this: Customer calls your home office, Concero answers the line, using caller ID it sees this is a big customer, Concero connects the call to you cell phone and you answer the call, and you get the order. Customer happy, Your happy, and the Concero Switchboard just paid for itself.

Don’t think of Concero Switchboard as an answering device, or a voice mail system. It is none of those. Concero is an automated switchboard. Think of it as a computer controlled switchboard operator. A modem call comes in, it goes to the modem. A fax call comes in, it goes to the fax (or to your computer from the built in fax/modem). A voice call comes in, it goes to where you told it to go! You can send the call to your Voice Mail, Cell Phone or whereever based on the programming given to the unit.

Programming the unit is very easy based on the provided software and PC connection. Once the unit is programmed you can leave your PC turned off.

The unit comes ready to handle two incoming lines. Like a lot of other units on the market it "busy outs" one line when taking a call on the other line. So, think about getting one for each line. After all you have two lines to help avoid a busy signal. Don’t defeat that by using only one unit. On a Centrex or Centernet system the units can transfer calls from one line to another.

The "List" price on this unit is about $495.00, I have seen it on the street for about the $400.00 mark.

In short, this unit lets you pull your existing equipment together to create a virtual office.

For more information check out their web site : http://www.ctrpoint.com/

Telephony! Telephony!!!

As you read this the Computer Telephony show has hit Los Angeles. Show dates are March 3, 4, and 5. For more information on the show : http://www.ctexpo.com

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