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Show Me The Light
Sylvania’s Low Cost Answer To Brightening Your Night Life.

How much would you spend to brighten your life?  Would you spend $35.00.  If so, you should read on.

O.K. so I’m not really talking about brightening your life, but brightening your car’s headlights.  No big deal.  Not the same as brighten your life....  Think so, and then think about how bad you are going to feel because you hit something while driving at night because you could not see it.  Oh, that’s why you have fog and driving lights on your car already?

Then think about the fact that you are blinding oncoming traffic by running with all those lights on!

So, what is a driver to do?  Easy check out and spend about $35.00 for Sylvania’s new Halogen replacement lamp system called “ExtraVision”.

If you have a car that uses “Sealed Beam Headlamps”, then this really is a must do, and easy to do upgrade.  In fact it is as easy as changing a headlight.  To check availability for your car go here:

About 5 years ago I replaced my standard sealed beam lights in my car with a standard set of Halogen lights.  Wow, what a difference! But now Sylvania has a street legal halogen lighting system that is still low cost and street legal.

Brighter?  Yes, about 3 times as bright as standard lights.  But still street legal.  I won’t get into all the technical stuff, but the lights can light the road better, and still be street legal, because, it’s not how much light they put out, but how it lights the road.

It was explained to me that based on the government street legal specifications for street headlamps, even standard halogens don’t put out as much light as is legal, in the eyes of the law.  It is not only how much light the lamp puts out, but where that light is aimed at (oncoming traffic, the trees, the side of the road, straight ahead etc.,).  On illegal lamps, too much light gets put in the wrong place.  Sylvania found a way to aim the light in the right places, so no one spot gets more light then is legally allowed.

Don’t understand?  Who cares, just care about the fact that for $35.00 you can make a major improvement in your nighttime driving safety!

For being the perfect choice for an old lighting problem at a great price BizNet gives Sylvania’s “ExtraVision” BOTH the “On Target” Award, and The “Winner” Award.


The On Target Award is given to products or services that are just that. On Target. Being On Target. Hitting the mark. Being the answer or solution you’re looking for. The fix you need. Just the right thing. It’s not every product or service that is designed or engineered with such total perfection or understanding of it’s targeted market that it is exactly On Target. For the few that do, We proudly present the On Target Award.


The Winner Award is given to products or services, that are just that, Winners! So, what makes a product a Winner? Lots of things. It can be as simple as making you or your business look like a Winner or as complicated as being so new and innovative that it solves long standing problems. A Winner can even be an old problem solver, or a basic product that has been around for some time but is now being offered at such a super price that it can now be a Winner for even the Guy or Gal on a budget.

Want even more Light!.. Looking to get that great HID Light.  The good news is Yes, you can have it, but it’s a lot more than $35.00.  Try over $1,000.00.  Now if you are thinking “A Grand”... No Way”. Then stick with the ExtraVision lights. But if you’re thinking, HID that’s the way to go, then stay tuned.  We will be reviewing Sylvanias street legal complete HID system.

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