Jewish And Ashamed Of It!
Please read the following note. It is very disturbing!

I hope that I got your attention with that statement, because last night I felt ashamed to be Jewish.  Why? Because of this E-Mail:

Please read the following note. It is very disturbing!

Fuji Co. removed Israel from the complimentary world map that they gave
to their customers with purchase. Yes, in Fuji stores abroad you
receive the world map without Israel!!! According to Fuji, we just
don’t exist... It is most likely done to entice Arab customers. I am
sure, that map without Israel makes Arabs happy, very happy...
It is a very dangerous precedent - it looks like an indication that Arab
calls for a boycott of Israel started bearing fruits. Many Israelis today
called for boycott of all Fuji products -
film, cameras, batteries etc

Luckily - there are alternatives: film - Kodak, Agfa, cameras - Nikon,
Olympus, Samsung, Cannon etc.

I personally consider this Fuji’s action the worst possible insult for

our country and for me personally, and, until they apologize and reprint
the map, I’m never buying anything made by Fuji and encourage you to do
the same! Also, please spread the word around - I believe that Jewish
buying power can do wonders. Even 3-5% reduction in Fuji’s sales will
cause them to reconsider.

Also important to note - Subaru is Fuji. It somewhat narrows down
selection of cars, but I still won’t be able not to take it into
consideration when the time comes.

I urge everyone to join me in BOYCOTTING all Fuji products.
I have sent Fuji a message on their website. Please write to them as well.”

This was not some random generated piece of E-Mail sent anonymously to me; It was sent to me by a family member.

Why would this E-Mail make me, a Jew, feel ashamed? After all it is Fuji that is doing the harm to “my” people. 

That’s just the point.  Fuji has done nothing wrong (nor has Subaru) the above E-Mail is totally false.  It is “my” people that are doing the harm;

Doing harm by attempting to bring economic hardship to two innocent companies and their employees, all in the name of Judaism and Israel.

I am appalled by any form of blind hatred and prejudice;  Even if based in stupidity.  I am totally disgusted when such blind hatred is wrapped in the cover of patriotism or allegiance to any group.  Even more so when it is a group of people that should know what it is like to feel such false and blind hatred and rumors.

Today I am ashamed to be a Jew.  I thought we were a proud people who held ourselves to a higher standard as we knew the dangers of such blind actions and saw ourselves as guardians against it. Not perpetrators.

It’s time to stop blindly believing everything you read or receive on the Internet. God gave us all a brain.  Stop doing harm to the innocent, and start thinking for yourself.  Blind hatred has no place in a civilized world. 

It is bad enough when you make yourself look like a dumb bigot.  It is another thing when you work to make an entire group of people into blind hateful bigots.

And to those that have already told me that this was not sent in the name of Judaism or Israel and has nothing to do with being Jewish, and that it is not advice coming from the person that sent it...and so on...  I suggest you re-read these parts:

“....Yes, in Fuji stores abroad you receive the world map without Israel!!! According to Fuji, we just
don’t exist.

“.... . Many Israelis today called for boycott of all Fuji products...”

“.... action the worst possible insult for our country...”

“..... I believe that Jewish buying power can do wonders...”

“..... I urge everyone to join me in....”

You can agree with me, or disagree with me.  We all have the right not to see eye to eye, but please don’t be so blind as to believe this has nothing to do with or to affect Israel and Judaism.

For the record here is Fuji’s response:

Fujifilm Statement re: Map Issue

No Fujifilm company or distributor published or distributed a map of the kind we have heard described, and Fujifilm in no way sanctioned the production of such a map. 

In looking into the matter, we have learned that a third party wholesaler in the Republique de Cote d’Ivoire (the Ivory Coast) produced a calendar with such a map.  They did so on their own initiative, combining the map with our logo without our permission and in violation of our policy regarding the use of the Fujifilm logo.   

Fujifilm is greatly disturbed that someone would violate our policies and link our company’s good name to something we find unacceptable.  As soon as we learned of the problem, corrective action was taken to stop the distribution of these calendars.

Fujifilm appreciates the opportunity to share the actual facts of this matter, and to provide every assurance that Fujifilm is a company of the highest stature and integrity.

February 21, 2002

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