Not Another Let Down?
Hello for 3-2002
By: Mike Lipshultz

Not Another Let Down?

After Comdex I was really looking forward to getting a hands free unit called “V Touch”.   In fact I even talked in the past about my anticipation of getting the unit.  Well I finally got one to play with.  The unit works by going around your throat and picking up your voice “vibrations”.  Yes the unit works, but unfortunately it distorts the sound of your voice.  Everyone I talked to with the unit on complained about the way I sounded.  I am looking into if it is just the way the unit works, or if I got a bad one.  I’ll keep you folks posted.

CT Expo

The Computer Telephany Expo is back in Los Angeles…This March 5th and 6th.  BizNet will be walking the show floor looking for some great stuff to write about.  I must admit that this is one of my favorite shows.  I have seen it grow from a show that can be done in an hour, to one that takes two days to do.  If you have any connection to the phone industry this is a must do show.

Dead On The Water

More and more boat owners are finding out that when they get rid of their expensive analog cell phones, and go to digital, calls from on the water are hard to place.  With this in mind over the next few months BizNet will be looking into some possible solutions from Andrew the makers of an extensive line of wireless products (  So check with us in a month or two to see how you can call home from the water.

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