Hey Little Shaver, What You Doing?

Currently BizNet is looking at Electric Shavers from Braun, Remington, and Norelco.  Now we are still playing with them so we are not ready to start giving you all the info on electric shavers, But....

Remington sent us a really neat little shaver.  Anyone who shaves should have one of these things.  It's the MicroScreen® Compact Battery Shaver.  Remington did a great job of specifically designing it for people on the go.  This little unit can be had for under $15.00 bucks.  Now here is the really neat part, it runs on only 2 AA batteries.  So you can keep it and use it anyplace.  The car, briefcase, office, boat.  Anyplace.  This unit is a great spare to keep at the office or in your car for a quick late afternoon clean up shave before going out at night, or for when you hit the road and forgot to shave.

So check out this little shaver at:


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