If You Think You’re Going To Die Today
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So how many of you are reading this?  One maybe two?  Look, we know this is a subject that like totally sucks, but we all die.  Some from old age.  Some very unexpectedly and tragically.  Now please take a moment and think about what would happen if you were to just drop dead.  Or, even worse...  Become totally incapacitated and needed 24 hour nursing care for the rest of your life?

Just take a moment and think about what would happen if you suddenly dropped dead, or were horribly injured.  Would anyone be facing financial difficulty or even total ruin?  What about you?  Could afford to pay for the care you may need?

Please, if any of the above has you thinking about how bad it would be, for you or anyone you know, then you need to bite the bullet and talk to those guys we all try not to talk to.  No, not the mortician, the insurance agent. 

There are all kinds of insurance policies out there.  Life insurance (in lots of different types), disability, partnership protection, and more.  A good insurance agent will take the time to talk to you and get to know your needs.  They can explain the pros and cons of the different ways to go, and make sure you understand it all.

How do you find a good trust worthy agent?  Ask the people whose judgment you trust.  Who do they use?  What do they think, etc.?  I can tell you this.  After spending over one hour looking on the Internet for information on how to find, select, and what to ask an Insurance Agent, the Web is useless.  I could not find even one article.  Only a thousand or more Web Sites telling me they were the best when it came to insurance.

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