Who Wants To Mary A Millionaire?  Be Sued For A Million Dollars!

Or Why You Should Check Out The People You Do Business With!


O.K. , by now everyone reading this has been involved in at least one conversation about Fox’s TV show “Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire?”.  No, BizNet is not going to get into the debate on the whole show, etc… But we are going to say “SEE… THAT’S WHY YOU NEED TO REALLY CHECK PEOPLE OUT…!


The whole thing is a perfect example of the results of not doing a complete and proper background check on someone you’re doing business with.


It is reported that the big things missed on the Millionaire is a history (at least one incident) of what at worst could be considered Domestic Violence and at best would be called extremely inappropriate behavior.  The other claim is that this “Millionaire” is really hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.  So what’s the truth?…………  The Truth is Fox is screwed…..   They are now open to lawsuits, and lost revenue from being forced to cancel the replay of the show.  In fact, this has become such a disaster, that any plans to do the same basic show again have been totally trashed.


How would you feel, What would you do……… If you went into business with a partner, or hired a new employee, that after you sealed the deal, facts come out about that person, that forced you to shut down your company, and left you facing the possibility of litigation??????


The truth, it would make you sick.


Just avoid the whole thing!  Check them out! Your business survival depends on it!


Now, a real background check is more then just running a bunch of searches on different databases.  It involves reviewing and analyzing the information.  You need to know the dates and the areas the database covers. Determining if the subject named on the search return is in fact the same as the person you’re checking out.  Other people can have the same name.  Databases can have spelling mistakes.  It takes an experienced researcher/investigator to know all the finer points.  It is also important for the person reviewing the raw data to know the ins and outs of the underlying data.  For example, on doing a check on a Civil Court index, a person knowledgeable will know that if a court case is found, and if you “Pull” (look at the real file or get a copy of it) that file it can be a goldmine of information.  In fact in digging for dirt, if you find a case that uses terms like “Respondent” or “Petitioner” you have hit a gold mine.  It is going to be a Family court file.  It will be about a divorce, or child custody, or other “Domestic” issue…  But it will be a real “Juicy” file.


The point is if you spend $40.00 on a “Background Check” how much expertise are you getting?  In reality all you’re likely to get is raw data from a bunch of databases.  But there is one search you can do that will give you a lot of potential ‘Bang” for the buck… It is a good old-fashioned credit check.  To play it safe, get the written consent of the person you’re running the check on.  But again… If you don’t know how to “read” a credit report… Hire someone that not only knows which databases to use, but also knows how to read, and analyze the information.


What’s that old saying… “An ounce of prevention…”

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