I Know I Said It….. You Know I Did It…… Now Prove It……

I Know I Said It….. You Know I Did It…… Now Prove It……

Or How To Come Out The Winner If You Get Into A Car Accident.


Between the time the car accident actually happens, and the time the Insurance companies and lawyers get involved a strange thing happens….  That person that hit you, and apologized at the accident scene, now not only claims it was your fault, but also claims it was on a different street, at a different time, and again…. IT WAS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!!…..


If you think a Car Accident is aggravating, just wait until that nice person that hit you suddenly totally changes their story.  In every way shape and form.  You know what the truth is.  You know what was said at the time of the accident… Now you’re being made out to be the bad person, and you’re being told you don’t even know what happened.


If this sounds like an extreme case, and it’s not really likely to happen, think again.  It happens more then you would like to think.


Over the years, as a result of being in three accidents, I know to keep two very important things in my car.  A disposable camera with flash, and a cheap (about $25.00) tape recorder.  Why?


Accident number one.  After the fact. Everything changed.  The other party now claimed it was my fault, and that it happened in a totally different place then I claimed.


Accident number two.  The vehicle registration, driver’s license, and insurance documents I was shown were fake.  Now no one knows for sure who the other driver was/is.


Accident number three.  At the time of the accident the guy who hit me apologized.  He even wrote out a diagram of the accident with a written description.  He put in writing it was his fault.  He did all this so I would not call the cops.   After the fact, he told his insurance company that I pulled a gun on him and told him ‘I would kill him dead” if he did not write down what I told him.


My point is, that after the accident happens, things start to change.  You had better be able to prove your side of the story.


After a Car Accident do three things

  1. Always call the cops.  Get them to come out and make a report if you can.

  2. Take lots of photos.  Use every picture in the camera.  Take photos of the other driver.  All the passengers, both cars from every angel.  The road and intersection, from every angle. Get photos of the whole area. Even the cars and people that are just standing around.

  3. When you get out of your car to talk to the other driver, record the complete conversation.  Just put the tape recorder in your pocket and have it turned on.  Before you leave the accident scene record your version etc… of the events.


If you’re not at fault, and you have the above information to protect you, it will make the whole thing a lot easier.  Your insurance company will love you for documenting everything.


So, next time you’re out and about.  Do yourself a favor.  Pick up a disposable camera and a cheap tape recorder for every car you have.  Then keep them in the car… You never know when you will need them.


Don’t want to spend $30.00 to $50.00 bucks?  Look, how much do you spend on insurance?  Get my point?  Good, now go get the camera and tape recorder.


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