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Warning... Warning... Warning...

Are you getting E-mail warnings from friends telling you about an E-Mail virus that is going around?. If so the warning tells you not to open any E-Mail with a subject of ..", then the warning is wrong. The only way to get a virus from E-Mail is to open an attachment. You cannot get a virus just from reading an E-Mail. To get a virus you must open an attachment. The basic reason why E-Mail is virus safe is because it is a passive act. When you pick up your E-Mail and read it, your computer is only passively picking up and displaying a message. It is not and cannot execute any commands that the E-Mail message may contain. When you open an attachment to your E-Mail, you are then telling your computer to execute any instructions or commands found in the attachment. That is how an attachment can infect your computer.

Looking For Information On Area Code Changes?

It is bad enough that they keep changing and adding area codes, but now they are changing who is administrating the plan. Area codes are handled by the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). Since 1984 Bellcore has been performing the role of administrator of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP).

As of Friday, January 16, 1998 Bellcore was no longer responsible for NANP administration. On January 19, 1998, the North American Numbering Council (NANC), a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) advisory group, approved a transition plan that transfers responsibility for administering North America's area codes and other numbering resources from Bellcore to Lockheed Martin IMS. Details of the transition plan can be found in Bellcore Planning Letter PL-NANP-106. The new web site for the NANP can be found at

Who is that web site? Ever wonder who is the registered owner of a web site? Find out at

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