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By Mike Lipshultz

On a recent business trip I spent some time in a number of offices. Some were Home Based, and some were strictly “Business” locations. And during a few of these visits, the idea for this article was born.

In one office I found out that they do not use the Garbage Disposal because it shakes the common wall, and sounds like a the place is going to come apart.

In another office I found a notice over the kitchen sink asking people to clean the faucet off after using. Because others were sick of finding the faucet dirty with who knows what.

And the last office I was at was apologizing for running out of bottled water to drink.

So, how did this start an idea for a story? Easy, In the Offices with the Faucet issue and the one with the disposal issue, I asked them how long have you had that faucet/disposal? There response was, it was here when we moved in 10 to 12 years ago!

So, I looked at them and asked, if the roof leaked when you moved in would it still be leaking? Well, of course the said, No of course not! I then asked if you would fix a leaking roof, why not replace anything that is not working right or is not to your liking!

Well the response I got was basically “we never looked at it that way'.

I then explained to the faucet folks that they could get a faucet that turned on when you touched it, or even better one that comes on when you go to use it. Yes, even kitchen faucets can work like the ones you see in a lot of newer buildings. And they are easy to install. Any basic handyman can do it, or most DIY folks.

On the folks with the disposer issue I basically told them the same thing. That is have you looked at the new ones out there? They have become very quite and they will not shake or vibrate a wall, or even the sink they are mounted on. And just like the new faucets they are very easy to install.

This brings us to the folks with no water to drink. I have nothing against bottled water. But first off it really gets expensive, even the cheep brands. And in most cities you can very safely drink the tap water. But lets assume you can't, so do you still need to buy drinking water. No you don't. There are lots of way to make nasty tap water very drinkable. Even if you are running on well waiter. From units that treat the full house water supply for those Home Office folks, to under the sink units that deliver water out of a tap by the sink. There are also units that are simply a water bottle with a filtration unit. And also you can even get units that attach to the end of the faucet and deliver drinking water at a flip of a switch. Still want to be able to serve bottle water to your clients. No biggie, just save the bottled stuff for them. Or even better, buy some nice looking glass bottles with attached stoppers. Your clients will think you paid a fortune for that water! Just make sure to give the bottles a good cleaning inside and out every time.

That brings us to the end of this article for now........

For now? Yes “for now' But we will be adding to it. We will reach out to folks hat make some of the products we mentioned above and let you know how easy we found them to use, and how well they worked.

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