Chill Out And Play A Song.

Just a quickie little article to let you know about a neat product out there.  It’s called the

“Ice Turn Radio Cooler”.

It’s a combo hard-sided Cooler and AM/FM radio.  The Radio runs off of an ac adapter or 4 AA batteries.  Now when I put in the batteries I could not help but think, 4 AA’s that’s not a lot of power for a radio that will be used on the beach, etc.  But I was surprised; it had a nice loud clear sound to it.

The unit will also be offered with a “weather Band” radio on it (I hope to test that down the line).  Now if you are like me, you are on the road a lot, so you keep a cooler in the car.   Now I keep this one in the car, so I also have a radio with me.

It’s now my “Cooler” of choice, so I’m giving it the Editors Choice Award.

Check it out at:

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