Pulling The Plug…
Hello for 2-2002
By: Mike Lipshultz

More and more home and business owners are pulling the plug on their phones and replacing them with wireless units. At this time 1.7 % of folks have totally eliminated a wired connection.  By 2006, this figure should go to 11%.

Let Us Agree On This...

The industries involved in home networking over existing home wiring (just plug your network into a wall outlet) have finally decided on a universal standard for their products.  The HomePlug standard should lead to a major increase in the amount of products coming to market.

Getting Milked By Your Cell Phone???

Under the heading of “what number were you trying to reach?”,  a Belgian farmer set up his milking machine to call him on his cell phone when the machine needed attention.  Only thing is he programmed the wrong number.  The woman getting the 4:00 a.m., calls was not very happy... Got Milk?

It’s A Pager... It’s A Phone... It’s Two Things In One

One of my favorite companies RIM (Research In Motion) has cut a deal with AT&T to supply them with special Blackberry pagers.  What so special?  These pagers not only send and receive E-Mail and such, but also plug into a headset and you now have a cell phone.

Hungary For Those Cell Phones....

Just about 50% of the citizens in Hungary have a cell phone.  Part of the reason is that in some places wireless is a more reliable service then wired.

Who’s Sorry Now...

More and more cell phones can have “custom” ring tones downloaded to them...  More and more phones are ringing where and when they should not be.  So how about a custom ring tone of the song “Who’s Sorry Now”??????

Over One Billion Served...

By the year 2006 the world will be filled with over 1.9 Billion Cell Phone Users!  It is no wonder that more and more business are looking to create Cell Phone free zones.  Expect to see “talking” or “no talking” sections in restaurants.  Also you can expect your cell phone to not be able to work in places it should.  Why?  Because more companies are starting to use “Cell Phone Jammers” both legally and illegally.

Do You Know The Way To San Jose...

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