Workplace Violence Future Issues

To keep awareness going BizNet will be devoting space to some of the solutions in future issues.  Some of the topics we will go into are:

Now if there are specific issues you would like to see us get into please drop us an E-Mail.

In this month’s NetWorking Article we will be talking about NetWorking with your co-Workers in the same way you NetWork to build business.  It's all about building relationships, and that leads to friendships. And friends are less likely to go off on each other.

We will also have articles dealing with the legal issues of workplace violence and the importance of having written guidelines on dealing with it.  Along these lines, we will discuss when an employer should take legal action.  We will also talk about when an employee should take action.

In the meantime, remember, you can't meet that DeadLine, if you are dead!  So, when that stress is building up, walk away from it.  Relax, take care of yourself, and then go back to taking care of your work.

We will talk about some things as simple and inexpensive as having a potluck lunch or dinner at the office to build relationships and good feelings.  You can even do a movie night with family members.  Get a video or DVD movie and stock up on Soda and Popcorn.

Please think about this matter and come up with some ideas.  If you get a good one, let us know about it.

Remember, it's ok to have toys at work.  Around here my co-editor and I take breaks from work by racing each other with video games.  Even in different locations.  With him at his home office, me at mine.  Connected over the net. Hey, that high speed DSL line is good for more then just work stuff.

So, keep smiling and don't forget to make time for yourself!

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