Driving 55?

BizNet Tests Cobra's 2550 Radar/Laser Detector


You know that you donít drive 55 or the speed limit anywhere you are going! You and I both know that we are going at least 10 to 15 miles per hour over the speed limit all the time.

So how do you save your butt? Well we will tell you a little story that will help keep you from getting that $250 to $300 ticket, yes thatís what a speeding ticket will cost you these days! The days of the $50 ticket are gone forever!

On a stretch of highway out here in California, we have a 4-lane highway, just less than 200 miles between any cities, nice wide-open road that you can really open it up, and boy do we.  As we use to do, the rear view mirror was our best friend. No longer, just a good friend. We were always looking for our friendly highway patrolman every couple of seconds. When you are doing 95mph when the poster speed limit is 65 you had better be looking and looking hard. Thank god we never got a ticket but lots and lots of people did. Than we found the Cobra 2550 Radar/Laser Detector. And boy did that little radar detector save my butt more than twice. Now as we cruse across the desert, flying along at 95 + I am not using the rearview as much. You see every time we are within 2 miles of radar or laser we get a warning ďBe Careful Radar AlertĒ and we slow down to the speed limit.

 No sooner than we have slowed down, we see a CHP cruiser coming up on us, either behind us or coming in the other direction.

So if you are someone that drives allot, take it from us you need a Cobra 2550 Radar/Laser Detector.

Some of the great features of the Cobra 2550 Radar/Laser Detector

9 Band Radar/Laser Detector with Compass, Voice Alert, 360-Degree Laser Protection & VG-2 Undetectability.

Visit Cobra @ http://www.CobraElectronics.com

At BizNet we think this is a great product that you should use everyday, so we give it our Editors Choice Award, for saving us a bunch of money in tickets and insurance premiums. And at MSRP of $199.00, thatís less than the cost of 1 ticket! Get One!

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