Hi, Iím Mr. Mint!
Iím Your Friend, Use Me!

O.K., this is not the first time I have brought this up, but the only person that does not notice your Bad Breath, is you.

Now if you work in salutary confinement, and never have to talk to another person, face to face (or closer to each other then 5 feet) then, stop reading this.  Otherwise read on.

Look, even if youíre positive your breath is always great, you should still read on.

At the recent CES show I talked to a lot of people, face to face.  One person made such a strong impression I will never forget him.  Was his personality that great?  Was his product demonstration overpowering?  No, his breath was overpowering.

I'm standing face to face with this person.  He is talking to me about his product.  Iím thinking something crawled into his mouth and died.  I keep backing away, he keeps moving closer.  He is talking away and all I can think is ďhow can I get away?Ē.

I almost just told the poor guy.  Nothing personal but his was the worst breath I ever had to experience.  I found myself just thinking " Do I just tell this guy? Do I just turn and walk away, and let this guy think I'm strange?  Got to get away from this guy!!!!!"

I finally just told the guy I had to leave to be at a set appointment, and left.

Now at a trade show you really want people to remember you, but not for your bad breath!.  All I remember is this guyís breath.  Not his name, company or product!

If youíre asking yourself, come on was his breath that bad?  All I can say is the show was a month ago, and the impression and memory of his breath has me writing this article.

So what's a dragon-breath person to do?  First don't assume your breath is OK.  For most of us simply brushing our teeth regularly and using breath mints will do the trick.  So if youíre displaying at a trade show, put a big bowl of mints at your table or booth.  Hey, they are dirt cheep.  For a local trade show I was at, I purchased a 5 lb bag for about 6 bucks.  Not only did I know my breath was OK, but lots of folks came over just to grab some.

If your unlucky and your breath really is bad even if you brush your teeth, and use mints, please talk to a dentist, or your family doctor.   There are new treatments for some of the medical conditions that result in bad breath.

For the rest of us, remember; Donít forget Mr. Mint, he is your friend.

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