Money For Nothing And Chicks For Free………NOT…..

OK, Then How About Free PC Help.  

In my home office, my computer is on my desk next to a large picture window.  Not the best place for it… Why… I keep fighting the urge to throw this  machine out the Window.  It would feel so GOOD.


What would also feel good is just having a more reliable computer without the cost of having to call some nerd (at $25.00 to $80.00 per hour) just to help me get this thing running again.


Well, it looks like I found some fairly good help, and best of all its free.  My new friendly helper is a company called PC Support.Com (  At PC Support.Com you can have your computer scanned online and get help (in a live “chat”) on getting your system running better.


So, how did PC really do.  Not bad.  My first problem was that on my computer, their scan feature would not work.  Their online tech suggested all types of fixes.  Criss was very much on target with the suggested fixes, but…. They still missed the culprit.  My Virus program needed to be disabled.  No I can’t really hold this against them.  Most tech support and PC Techies miss this one. I don’t know why as it is not uncommon for anyone to be running an anti-virus program.  The next test was on my computer network.  Three computers networked together.  The problem: two of them could not see the 3rd, but the 3rd could see everyone.  It took some time, but Criss found the fix.  I needed to give all the units a Fixed IP Address.


Now if you’re reading this and thinking “Fixed IP”……. And scratching your head as it’s all Greek to you, no need to worry.  PC Support.Com took their time to walk me through everything.  My experience was good both when I contacted them as a tech savvy guy, and as a not so savvy guy.


Note: to use this site you need to be running Internet Explorer and have your security settings set to LOW.


I used their update center to check for needed updates on my computer, and to download them.  IMPORTANT, at this time I need to warn anyone about using their (or any other update service).  Don’t try to put updated programs and patches on your system unless you have an idea of just what the program even is.  AND always back your system up, (PC Support.Com has a free online back up system) before updating just in case!  In the future, I hope PC Support.Com finds a way to include information on just what the updates are etc…. 


At this time at PC Support.Com, you can get help by E-Mail, Live Chat, or though one of their Live Forums.  You can have your computer “cleaned up” and even check for Viruses.  They also have a Learning Center and an Advocate to help with Vendor related troubles.


So, Check them out for yourself at:


After giving PC Support.Com a try BizNet OnLine Magazine gives them the

A.O.K. Award.

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