Important New Study Shows How To Save Your Mother’s Life!
If You Love Your Mother Or Know Anyone that Loves Their Mother, This Is A Must Read!

A new study just released from the prestigious Harvard School Of Medicine and Reported in the American Medical Journal Confirms that “Old” childhood game really is true!  This is again another example where modern medicine learns from the past.

“Step On A Crack, Break Your Mothers Back” Turns out to be true!  The medical community is still adjusting to this realization.  Community health officials are urging children everywhere to please save their mothers from needless pain and suffering…………………..

I hope by now you’re thinking “ Is This A Joke?…. It Can’t Be Real……  Does Think Guy Think We’re Morons?”

Yes, It is all a fake.  Look just because someone says it’s true and talks about this source or that, does not mean it’s not totally bogus.  Come on. Use your brains, please don’t believe everything you read on the net, or get as E-Mail.  Check it out before you look as stupid as the above article does.

For information on how to check out E-Mail rumors, Urban legends, and Virus warnings see this past article in BizNet Online Magazine : 

And please stop sending me E-Mail about Bill Gates sending me money for sending out E-Mail, because when you do, you’re showing me that you not only have less money than Bill, but less brains and common sense too!
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