Sick Of Your ISP… Then Take Control

This Article Is Brought To You By The Morons At PacBell Internet.

  The Moron Part:

Here I go again using my position at BizNet OnLine Magazine to vent my frustration at yet another company that has really made me mad…  Or maybe not…


I have been using PacBell as my Dial Up ISP (Internet Service Provider) for about 4 years.  I have never been all that happy with them.  Why? Bad service, connections that go down????  No, not really.  The service (connecting) to the Internet has been what I would call very reliable… Reliable and I’m calling them Morons????  Yes… You see when there is a problem that requires a call to Tech support I just cringe.  I have always avoided calling their tech support.  Why?  Because it sucks!


I’m not going to complain about long hold times, etc… I’m complaining about a tech support that ALWAYS starts off by blaming me, my computer, or the settings for the problem.  Even if nothing on my system has changed.  I can call, spend an hour with them, finally getting them to admit that it is not my computer etc… but them.  However, when I call less then 24 hours later with the same complaint, I have to start all over again.  If I explain I have already gone through everything and on my last call we determined it was a PacBell problem.  I am told “ Sir, if you’re not going to work with us, and try everything we tell you to do we cannot help you, nor can we talk to you”. When I ask, Do you understand that I have gone though this waste of time three times in three days, and every time it is agreed that it is PacBell, and not me, and I am still having the same trouble, it makes no sense to keep forcing me to waste my time going over the settings, etc… again?  I kid you not.  They just say “Sr., do you want our help or not?  If so you must do everything we tell you.”  Hey, just because they tell me to reformat my hard drive, does not make it the right thing to do…….  But it does make me believe that they are Morons!!!!


I have not been able to send any E-Mail through them for about 2 weeks…..  I am now giving up and dumping them as an ISP…


The Take Control Part:

The most difficult part of dumping your ISP is giving up your E-Mail address.  Your E-Mail address, when linked to your ISP, gives them control over your E-Mail.  Without your ISP, you lose that E-Mail address that you have been using.  And changing E-Mail addresses is a big pain in the …..  But if you use an E-Mail address that is independent of your ISP, then who cares if, or how often you change ISP’s…. 



Yes, independent.  An independent E-Mail account is one that uses an @address that is not the same as your ISP.  An example of an E-Mail address that is connected to the ISP PacBell would be  But by using a service like BigFoot (, or HotMail ( you can have a permanent address that is never dependent on your ISP, like    Get the idea?  Use an address your ISP has no control over and get the freedom to change ISP’s as often as you would like!

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