Bad Check Guaranty Program


This is it.  The one you have been hearing about.  A “Free, No Cost”  Check Guaranty Program.

This is it.  The one you have been hearing about.  A “Free, No Cost”  Check Guarantee Program.

First off, lets talk about this “Free, No Cost”  stuff.  Yes it is free.  There are NO Sign Up Fees, Monthly Fees , Yearly Fees, NO FEES AT ALL.  All you checks are covered under this program for any loss due to being NSF (Non Sufficient Funds). Sorry, but like most programs this one does not cover Stop Payments, or counterfeit-fraudulent checks.

Unlike your traditional Check Guarantee program, this one is deferent.  It is not really a Check Guarantee Program.  It’s a Bad Check Purchasing Program.  BizNet OnLine Magazine has found a Bank that will buy all your bad (NSF) checks (once your signed up and approved for the plan).  Not for 50%  or even 75%  but at a guarantee of 90% of face value. 

Example :  You get a check that is made out for $1,00.00.  It is a Bad Check (NSF).  Your bank automatically sends it to the purchasing bank.  You get paid $900.00.  That’s it.  No fuss… No muss…  You get your bucks.  Yes, you do loss 10% of the check…. But….. Remember… The plan cost you nothing to join….. So, until you get hit by a bad check, your not paying for something your not using!


It gets even better.  All you do is just take the check.  You only need this information on the check :

No, pre-approval needed.  No processing terminals needed….. Nothing… Just take the check, Get the needed information, and deposit it as you always do.

Yes this program covers Personal and Commercial checks.

Get hit by lots of Bad Checks?  We don’t care.  Almost never get a Bad Check?  That’s OK to.  Look the deal is really very simple.  Sign up, get approved and your covered.  Get hit by a bad check…. No headaches, you automatically get 90% of the money, cutting your losses and your headaches.  Never get hit by a Bad Check?…. Then you saved by not paying some other service monthly fees etc… just to be covered, Because with this program you are!

Ready to get going!

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On Calling You Must Inform The Operator Answering Your Call That You Are Calling About Special Offer : BIZ-M-1856

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