Save Money On Your Business Banking, Don’t Use A Bank!
Yes, Credit Unions have business accounts!

No we’re not talking about using an old mattress for your business banking needs, we’re talking about a little known way of saving big bucks on your business banking needs by using a Credit Union, instead of a bank.


Yes, Credit Unions have business accounts!  For big business and small.  For one-person companies, and corporations.  So, how does this save you money?

Does your bank charge:

Per deposit

Per withdrawal

Per check….. and so on….


The thing is, most Credit Unions not only don’t charge for most things your bank charges for, but if they have a minimum deposit amount it is usually less then banks.


How do you get a Credit Union account? Usually all that is needed to open a business account is for a partner in the business to have an existing account with the Credit Union.  Don’t already belong to a Credit Union or qualify for their membership “class”, then talk to your local Chamber Of Commerce.  In most cases by joining the Chamber, you then qualify for membership in the Credit Union.


So check it out and see if you can save some money.

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