How To Pick A Toll Free Number and A Domain Name For You Business

Or…… If You Think Finding One Is Tuff, Try Twins!!!!!!

  This is a story about a man named Mike and his new business venture.  Now Mike, being a market savvy guy, knows the value of having a web site.  He also knows the value of having a toll free phone number.  So, our hero Mike set out to obtain a toll free number and a Web Site for his new company, but not just any number or any web address would do…..


You see Mike knows that a Web address should be connected to either the name of the company, or what it does.  It is also important to keep the name (address) short and easy to remember.  Same for the toll free number.  Even better.  Have your toll free number spell out your Web Address.


It’s Example time;

Company Name: Mike’s Big Company

What They Do:      Big Mans Clothing Store

So, the best Web Address would be short (as in easy to remember and type) and have something to do with what the company does (helps in the search engines) and the Web Address should also work as the company's toll free number (such as 800 CALL Me NOW).

Now ideally Mike could go with:  and 800-BigManClothing.  Both are easy to remember and tell what the company does.  Easy right? NOT!!!!!


O.K. so the idea is easy… Now for the headache.  Mike finds out that is available for his company, but the phone number that spells out 800 BigManClothing is not available!  He is a smart guy so he also checks out the toll free number using 888 and 877.  But no help, the numbers have been taken.


So, our hero takes two Aspirin and starts all over again.  Writing down name after possible name.  Then checking to see if the name is available as a Web Address.  If it is, next step… Is it available in a toll free number as an 800, 888, or 877?????


Now you get the idea.  If you think finding a good Web Address, or a good Toll Free number is tuff, try finding twins!!!!


It can take a lot of work but it can be done.  The rewards are more bang for your advertising bucks.


So, in real life how did Mike do….  His web Address and toll free number are the same and are easy to remember, but still remind the customer of what he does…..  Not bad, but now poor Mike needs Hair Plugs……..

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