See Dick. See Dicks business. See Dicks business fail.
Here's A book that could have saved Dicks business.

By: The BizNet Staff

Finally a great business book written for the average business person!

If you have ever read business books, you know what a daunting task it can be. Most are too lengthy, complex and ramble with technological jargon that quickly saps the interest of the reader. Often they are written by an MBA for an MBA. Minding Your Own Business by Paul and Marilyn McAtee is more then just another book showing how to do all the things any business should be doing. It makes you understand why you need to such things. So if things like finding the true price of goods and services, creating a business plan, profit and loss statements, seem like a big hassle you need this book. No bank will ever give you a business loan without knowing this stuff. This book makes it as easy as it gets. Finally a business book written by an MBA, that the rest of us can understand!

Minding Your Own Business is refreshingly simple to read yet effectively communicates the steps necessary to run a successful business. This home study course was written in uncomplicated language that anyone can understand. The authors understand the needs of the small business entrepreneur who may be starting or expanding a business. The course is also extremely helpful for the business owner who is experiencing difficulties.

What makes this book so unique and valuable? Its diversity and ability to help a business person in a short period of time. It can be read in as little as 2 hours and is filled with many helpful exercises that are easy to work and are well prompted.

Minding Your Own Business is readable, interesting, practicable and immediately helpful; it is a quick reference guide for business assistance. This course can be completed year after year to assure the continued growth and success of the business. Another aspect of this home study course, that makes it so impressive are the coupons. The course comes with several "complimentary" critique and consultation coupons that provide the reader with specific feedback on their business and answers to their questions.

Minding Your Own Business is one of the most impressive and effective business books written in many years. This home study course can be purchased only through the Internet at

-- A must for you business library.

So, you tell me is your business worth the investment of $79.95? If not, what is your business worth? Think about it.

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