It's 2018 And That makes 21Years!

By Mike Lipshultz

OMG! Has it really been 21 Years. Why yes, it has been.

2018 Mark the 21st year for BizNet Online Magazine. Over the years we have seen so many things change.

When we first went online most folks had dial up internet. No, they really did. Getting at most a 56K connection. Back then a good web site was all about keeping things loading fast. So we stuck to mostly text and keep our images small.

Our menus were short to the point, and very plan. Built for speed as they say. But as internet access got faster and faster BizNet got more flashy and we really put up a great looking menu.

Well everything old is new again as they say. And we are coming full circle on internet access speed and keeping web design simple and fast.

No really, I'm not loosing my mind! Yes, most folks now have DSL or way faster, but the truth is that is when they are connected to WiFi and on a computer. But most folks now are connecting to the Internet though their cell phones and 3g or 4g speeds. 3G and 4g is still faster then those old dial up days. But cell phones are not the same as desktop or even laptop computers. And even more so for the displays on cell phones.

So the smart thing is to make ones web site both fast loading and so on both on desktop or laptop computers and on cell phones.

As such BizNet in in for a redesign. There are only a very few ways to handle the issue. One site for both computers users and cell phone users. One that really ends up limited on computers but works great on phones. Or have two sites one for phones, and one for computers. Neither option is great. But the change must be made.

Most likely we will end up with two very similar sites. On for mobile and one for desktop computers.

Yep, it is back to keeping it simple and fast loading!

Now For The Biggest Chang For Year 21!

Starting now in 2018 we have partnered up with Rubin Broadcasting and we will be recommending Goods, Services. People, Businesses, and so on for them to talk about on their three radio stations.

Please check out the press release located here.


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