OK So, You Got That MP3 Player….

So, How Are You Going To Take YOUR ^%^$# Music With You?

By Mike Lipshultz

If you have an MP3 player then you may have discovered they are not all created equal when it comes to downloading music off the internet.

By now you have heard about two things. “WMA” or Windows Media Audio and/or “DRM” or Digital Rights Management.  Simply put if your MP3 player will not accept these file formats (and a lot do not) then when you download music from your favorite places, oh say like Napster, and even though you have paid for that music, you can not get it to play on your MP3 player.

So, now you need to know about two programs.  One is TuneBite.  The other is by the same company and is a much more feature rich program.  It is RS Audials Complete.

Check them out at:




Both programs are as easy as pie to use.  Have no learning curve, and work.  They simply give you “copies” of the music you bought that is now protection free and you can play on just about anything.

We have not played with either product for about a year and they are now “newer” editions out then what welast tested, but I’m positive you will be happy with them

It should be noted that they work by “re-recording” the music as you play it.  But that is not as big of a deal as you may think.  You do not have to connect anything.  The program makes all the connections automatically though the software.  And it can be set to do all the conversions at high speed, overnight.  You do not have to be at your computer to run things.

Because this program does as it states and works right away, we give it the A-OK Award.

The A-O.K. Award is awarded to products or services that are just that: A- O.K.. So, what makes them A-O.K.? Easy they just simply have to do exactly what they claim to do, and be easy to use! Now if your thinking, come on, any thing can win an A-O.K., award, then think again. When was the last time you paid good money only to find out the damn thing won’t do what it claimed, or you had to spend six days on the phone with tech support to get it to work. Makes you want to kill someone! So, it really is nice when you pay your money and you get an A-O.K. product!

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