Nero Vs. Easy CD.

If you have purchased a CD-R drive, or you own a computer that came with one, chances are it came with software for burning those CD's.  And in most cases that software was probably from a company called Ahead Software  and was a product called Nero.

Nero is the software that lets you burn those CD's.  Now I believe most folks will be perfectly happy with staying with the software they got for free.  But this article is for those of you who are not happy with it or want more.

If you feel that "Nero" is not as easy to use as you would like.  Or you can't seem to do with it what you would like.  I strongly suggest you check out another program from a company called Roxio .  Roxio has a product called Easy CD & DVD Creator.  At this time it is up to version number 6 (Nero is also at version number 6).

If the name "Easy CD" sounds familiar to you, but the name Roxio does not, it maybe because you are recalling a company called Adaptec.  Adaptec started the Easy CD software line.  Roxio took it over.

Around here we have a number of computers running CD burners.  Everyone of them came with a "free" copy of Nero on it.  Personally I have never really liked this software, based on my needs.  Yes, it is easy to use, but I wanted more.  I also found it did not always "Like" the CD drive it was trying to control.

I had an old copy of Easy CD from Adaptec on one of the computers and found myself only using the burner on that machine.

So, the other day when I was at a computer fair, I saw the Roxio program for sale.  And it was the new version 6, and only $10.00.  Now it was missing all the documentation, the box, everything.  It was just the disc buy itself.  But, hay, how bad could it be at Ten Bucks!.

I have to tell you.  I find it easer to use then Nero and more versatile.  Now as for the $10.00 price.  Lets be real.  I lucked out.  I doubt you will get it at this price.  But I think if you look for it on Ebay, you will be very happy with what you find.  I have even seen it at my locale Wal-Mart.  But the Ebay price will be a lot better.

So, If you find Nero O.K., then stick with it.  But if you find you want something more then what you got for "free", check out Easy CD.  I think you will be very happy.

Due to the fact that Easy CD is the only burning software we like around here, we have given it the Editors Choice Award!

Editors Choice?  Simply put, we the Editors at BizNet OnLine Magazine, give the Editors Choice Award to any product that we personally would choice use over the other products in the same category.  It is what we consider to be the “Best Of The Best”.

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