Customer Service Means More Then Just Sending Out A Bill!

Some basics in customer service by the experts at BizNet

Lets Make This Very Clear....Keeping In Touch With Your Customers Means More Then Sending Them A Bill Every Month.

If your idea of keeping in touch with your customers is:

Then you need to read this article.

Look, keeping in touch with your customers, is about the only way to make sure they STAY your customers. 

If you are the type that only talks to your customers when there is a problem, then to keep them your customers,  you now have to make them happy, and prove you care.

But if you talk to your customers all the time by calling just to say hi! Or call to just ask, “How are we doing?” “ Are we meeting your needs?” Your customers already know you care.

You can do more than just call.  In the area, drop by.  Say hi! Yap, stop in and just say Hi!

The idea behind saying hi, is nothing new.  It’s one of the first things you learn in doing route sales.  You work your route by stopping by folks and saying hi.  You then try to make that sale.

If you’re in business you’re in sales.  And sales is all about talking to your customers.  Throw in a little marketing, and research and you get valuable information.

Information? Hey, by asking two simple questions you can get a lot of information.  Two questions?


These two:

How Are We Doing?

Is There Anything We Can Do For You That We Are Not Doing Now?

The above questions can be a gold mine.  Not only in the way they help build your relationship with your client, but in increased sales, and the possibility of finding out that you need to expand your range of products or services.

So stop reading this article and go call a customer.

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