I Don't Need No Stinking PDA....

By Mike Lipshultz Managing Editor

Bad News, You Lost Your Day Runner Or Has It Been Stolen?
Now You Are Losing All You Clients. Or- Do Your Customers Know How Stupid You Are Going To Look?

If you use a paper phone book, or day planner, your life is a disaster waiting to happen. Let's face it. The chances of losing a Day Planner are all too real. You just set it down and ... Bang it is lost or stolen.

If you're thinking, okay, now this article is going to lecture me on how, with an electronic device (Digital), I would have all that information still in my hands... You're wrong. This is not about the information in your hands. It is about the information in the wrong hands.

How would clients react to the person finding your Day Planner having access to all that personal information on them, names, addresses, phone numbers, meeting notes... Think that's bad? What if the person got your Day Planner by stealing it. What do you think your clients are going to say when you call to tell them a crook has all their information, and they got it from you?

Do you really want to hear a client say, "How could you be so foolish as to let that happen?" Good way to lose a client!

Now if you used an electric Day Planner or PDA and you had it password enabled, all that data would be safe, along with your relationships with your clients.

So, grab your Day Planner and start shopping for its replacement. Hay the things are getting cheaper then ever!  You can get an O.K. electronic day planner for under $50.00, or a real PDA for around $100.00.  If you are not looking for the latest and greatest, $50.00 on Ebay buys a lot.  Want the latest and greatest.  Come back in March and see what we have to tell you from CES!

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