Starting The New Year Off With A Thud... Or, How To Make Yourself Look Like An Idiot
 In Three Easy Steps.

1. Receive Virus Warning E-Mail From Some One (Friend, Family, Or Anyone)

2. Don’t Think About It.  Don’t Check It Out.  Just Totally Believe It.

3. Send The Warning To Every Person You Know.  Not Only Family And Friends, but People You Do Business With.  Especially Clients, Supervisors, Boss. Etc.... You Know Really Important People That Don’t Know You’re An Idiot................

So, is the above really over the top?  Not really, after all if you received an E-Mail warning and it looked good to you, so you forward the warning on to everyone you know.  Then you find out it was all a Hoax!  Lets be honest about it.  It makes you feel like an idiot.

The reality of it is that the majority of the Virus warnings going around are totally bogus.  Unfortunately it seems like when it comes to the Internet people start to lose their common since.  Believe me, if I sent out an E-Mail that said “According to CBS News, Bill Gates, is going to give out $100.00 cash to the first ten million people who E-Mail him....”  Poor Mr. Gates would be flooded with E-Mail.  Remember, just because it is on the “Net” does not make it true!

So how do you tell the real stuff from the fakes?  Try checking out these web sites for information on bogus warnings.  After all by the time the Hoax comes to you, there is probably a listing of it as a hoax.

O.K., so what’s the harm?  You tell me.  You waste everyone’s time and look like an idiot!  No harm, I don’t think so.

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