Don't Let The Grinch Of Technology Steal The Holiday Spirit From Your Family......

Turn It Off!

  It’s not often that the title of on article tells the whole story but this one really does.  The Holidays are here.  It’s the end of the year....  It’s that time when we stop to think about the time we spend with family, friends, and in general the quality of our lives. 

I guess that’s why I have been seeing all these articles lately about if we are becoming slaves to modern technology.

Pagers, Cell Phones, Laptop computers, Modems, The Internet, Portable Fax Machines... it goes on and on...  You just can’t get away from it or can you.....

Part of the debate goes as “we take our work everywhere with us”, “ there is no private  time anymore”, “the boss and or clients can reach you at any time anywhere”, “it forces you to work more”....

Look I don’t care what the technology is....  If you turn it off, it goes away.. Get your life back, pull the plug on the technology, not your life.... Or your family.

As Dear Abby once said.  No one can take advantage of you if you don’t let them.

Just because you can work anytime anywhere does not mean you have to.  Make the time for family, friends, and fun in your life. Hay, if you don't take care of your family who will?

Oh, you called me?  I’m sorry I did not realize the Phone, Pager, Fax ... etc... was off

Try it, you just might like it!

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