Alert.....Condition Orange... Alert.....Condition Orange... Alert.....Condition Orange...
By Mike Lipshultz Managing Editor 

At the time of writing this article, the United States government just raised the warning "color" on terrorist attacks to "Orange"

If you do not know about the things we are about to talk about, then I urge you to please not only read this article, but to implement what we are preaching.  Not doing so, could result in you unknowingly adding in a terrorist attack.

More and more hackers are taking remote control of personal computers and using then to mount attacks.  Terrorists know this too.  If you have a PC connected to the Net, you need to read this article!

Yes, even if your total computer set up is only one PC, on a dial up connection, if you keep that connection open, you can become part of the problem.  If you’re on a high speed always on connection, this knowledge and advice is not an option.  It is a must!

Defense Number One:

You need to run an anti-virus program 24-7.  That means 24 hours a day.  7 days a week.  Personally I run Panda Platinum.  It is the only program that works for me, running 24-7 without crashing my computer.

It checks everything coming and going from my computers.  From the web pages I go to, to all my E-Mail.  I have never sent an infected mail, and Panda has beaten all infected mail coming in to me.  I update it every day.

Defense Number Two:

Control what comes and goes from your computer.  Zone Alarm, from Zone Labs, lets you control what can and cannot connect from your computer to the net, and what from the Net can connect to your computer.  If you run a network, leave it "Unlocked".  Zone Alarm will still stop unauthorized activity.

Best of all it's free.  Check it out now!  You can't afford to be without it (yes, I run it all the time, but upgraded to the pro version). 


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