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Testing Gatorz Sunglasses

Normally we donít test things like sunglasses, but we got some to test. Sitting here in the middle of winter sun glasses donít do us much good unless we are going skiing and with 2 small children we ainít doing that for a couple of more years!

Than a thought popped into my head, we know the guys out at Tri-State Search and Rescue ( and they would be able to put these glasses to the test right away. The report from then after 2 weeks of testing was ďthese glasses are out of sightĒ Normally the guys use the cheapest thing they can find because on the water when you are going 60 MPH in a boat and you turn your head, the glasses are gone and fall to the bottom, never to be seen again! The Gatorz Sunglasses stayed on even in the worst possible conditions. And the sun protection is superior to what they were using before.  

As for construction; the destruction-resistant aircraft aluminum frames are durable as hell, one of the guys sat on a pair and it held up great, even if they would have broken Gatorz Sunglasses offers a Lifetime rebuild agreement, so if you break them they will put them back together for you for $40.00! If they have a manufacturer's defect, there is no charge in the first year. 

Tri-State Search and Rescue a 40 person squad are now fighting over the glasses that they were sent and are ready to get some more and make then the official sun glasses of the squad. 

We told the guys that they could buy these sunglasses at

We trust these guys at Tri-State Search and Rescue, if they indorse them, than thatís good enough for us here at BizNet.  To Gatorz Sunglasses we give the WOW award!

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