Getting The Most From Your Car
Beyond The Basics

If you have read your owners manual but feel like you want to know more about your car, then you need to know about “shop manuals”.

Shop manuals are made specifically for almost every make and model of car out there.  They go way beyond the owner’s manual.  Shop manuals get into the nitty gritty of how to troubleshoot and repair your car.

If you’re technically minded then a shop manual can be a good investment.  Even if you have no desire to work on your own car.  A good shop manual can educate you on not only what work should be done on your car, but how it should be done.  In addition to what could have caused the breakdown in the first place.

There are four places to get shop manuals that I know of.  They are as follows:

By contacting the manufacturer of your car




In the months to come we will be looking at the differences between the Haynes, Chilton, and Bentley manuals.

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