Getting The Most From Your Car
This Read Is Worth While.

How can you get the most from your car, without spending a dime?  Read the owners manual!  I know it sounds.... Kind of silly to say, but no matter how much of an automotive novice, or auto expert you are, it is always worth your time to read your car’s manual.

The majority of folks I talk into reading their car’s manuals almost always tell me that they discovered things about their cars they never knew.  This includes options and features they never knew the car had!

So go ahead and open up your glove box and read your owners manual.  It really has some good stuff in there.  Like, how everything works.  Where the knobs and switches are.  Where your fuses are and so on.  Do you know how many gallons of gas your car holds?  How much oil?  What type of transmission fluid?  It’s all in there.

Another great place to get information on your car is from the Internet.  In addition to sites from the manufacturer you can find club or fan sites.

Personally I drive a much-loved Saab.  On the Internet I have several groups to choose from.  In these groups everyone is welcome.  From new owners to super tech.  I have seen very difficult questions posted and answered…  To very simple ones (how do you turn the heater on?).

These news groups are a great way to find how other folks with your same car are solving problems and discovering new things about their cars.

So next time you’re on the net, type the name of your car into a search engine and see what turns up.

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