Sometimes It Pays To Wait.
Hello for 2-2002
By: Mike Lipshultz

Some years back Motorola announced the development of a clip on organizer for their line of Star Tac phones.  The units gave you the basics of notes, appointments, calendar, and phone book.  With linking to your computer.  A really neat add-on to any Star Tac.  But at almost $300.00 when they came out.  They did not exactly sell like hot cakes.  But times have changed.  If you have a Star Tac or other compatible phone, you now simply have got to get one of these units.  If you look really hard on the net you can get a brand-new factory sealed unit with warranty for $30.00 or less!  Ya, thirty dollars or less.  Totally cool.  Over here Santa has been giving out a lot of them.  They even come with everything you need.  Software, leather case, hard belt clip, etc.  So check it out.

If youíre trying to sell a used one on ebay, my condolences.  Your not likely to get much more than $10.00 for it.

I hate having a cold.  As you all know I have been looking forward to testing out the V-Touch hands free phone system.  I got it last week.  I also got a nasty cold.  So I canít really report in it.  Everyone is complaining about my voice.  Even when Iím on a regular phone.  Technology sucks, canít even fix a cold!

At least my new ClipOn Organizer makes it easy to track how long Iíve been sick.....

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