One Year Later And The Lights Are Going Out!

But It's Not The Computers Fault!

The biggest part of the Y2K scare was that the national power grid was going to fail and the world was going to go dark.

Well not only did the United States stay lit-up, but so did the rest of the world.  Now a year later, here in California, the lights are going out!

Most of Californians gets their power from Edison and other large power companies.  Now these companies own and operate their own power plants.  However the demand for power is greater then the amount that these companies can supply at this time.  So these companies must go to outside sources and buy the Energy.  In the case of Edison, the company is getting clobbered by the cost.  It is coasting them more for the Energy then they are allowed to sell it for.

Now, when you add into the equation the fact that this is the time of year that power plants take the equipment that needs maintenance or repair, off line (so they can do the work). and add to that, that due to a dry winter less water is available to generate power and you have an equation for a Y2K like nightmare.

No Power!

Now I live in Los Angeles, and like a few other cities we have the power we need.  In fact Los Angeles has been fortunate enough to be in the position of selling off some surplus Energy to the rest of California.  In fact this is one of the few times I find myself happy to be living in LA.  But the bottom line is we need to stop living like pigs.

Wake up and start saving energy.  Turn lights off.  Get Energy efficient products.  And as long as I'm on my soap box.... Stop driving gas guzzlers.

Oh, and to the folks I have seen on TV., declaring that there is no power shortage and it's just a hoax to drive up you bills.  Go get yourself a keeper.  You are stupid and not capable of caring for yourself.

How Power Emergencies Work

When reserve capacity for California energy providers dips below 7 percent of expected demand, they must declare a power emergency.

Power reserves between 7% and 5%. First warnings issued.

Reserves between 5% and 1.5%. Interruptible customers asked to conserve.

Reserves below 1.5%. Rolling blackouts occur.
How Power Emergencies Work

Now Think About This:

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