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BizNet Seals It Up With The GBC DocuSeal 125 Laminator

  If you have ever walked though one of those big warehouse stores you have probably seen the laminating machines (you know, those machines that sandwich almost anything between two sheets of plastic).  Maybe you have even stopped for a moment and thought "gee it might be handy to have one of those.  Then you saw the price tag.  $200.00 to $250.00 .  O.K. not an impulse item... Or is it????

More on that later, lets talk about the machine .....

There is not much to the Docuseal 125 and that makes it very easy to use.  Just plug it in.  Turn it on by setting it to "Foil" (if you doing foil) or "Laminate" (If your laminating), and what a moment or two for the ready light to come on.

Pick up the item you want to laminate, put it between the laminating sheets, place everything in the paper like "sleeve" and just send the whole thing though the laminator by placing it in the front slot.

The whole thing is so easy that you are an expert on the first try.    About the only thing you can do wrong is not to use the paper like sleeve and just send the laminating plastic though the machine without it.  Now if you make that mistake, you will probably be O.K., but do it to many times and you will mess up the laminator.

So why laminate something???

What can you Laminate?

Almost any fairly flat item that is not heat sensitive and is no larger the 11" by 17".  If you need to Laminate anything heat sensitive you can us the Laminator on the Cold-Run setting, with special laminating sheets.

So, look around your home and office, I bet you can think of lots of things.  How about printing some nice color advertising for your business.  Oh, you don't like the fact that water wrecks the ink-jet printed output!  Hay that's why you laminate it..... Get the idea?  Then get the Laminator.  Still need more to think about?

O.K. Is it an impulse item ?... It is if you know this.  Most copy shops will charge you over $4.00 to laminate an 11x17 item.   With your own laminating machine you can laminate your own stuff and buy those 11x17 laminating sheets for less then $0.40 each!  After  about 60 to 70 laminatings the unit has paid for itself.  60 or 70???  That's less then 2 per week!!!! 

For making presentation material look like a Winner, We give the Docuseal 125 the Winner Award!For more information on the Docuseal just go here: 

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