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Tyler Tells The Phone Company To Take A Hike
And BizNet Tells You Why. 

Here at BizNet we have been listening to one of our editors (Tyler) complaining time and time again about how the inside phone wires at his home keep going out.  He goes on and on.  Had to call the phone company and get passed from person to person.  Had to tell them he has the Wiring Insurance so itís no charge.  Had to fight with them again to fix the wires.  Still wonít replace them.  Had only one working phone for a week.  They have been out 5 times this last year.  When are they going to get it right?  Whatís wrong with these %$#@&*^%!!!!!! 

You get the idea.  We get really tired of the phone company not fixing his inside wires so both his phone lines will work in all the rooms in his house.  Every time he has a problem, we have to hear about it, and hear, and hear, and hearÖ.

So the other day something wonderful happened.  Just as the UPS guy was dropping of the new phone system from Siemens to test, Tyler comes in complaining again.  I smiled.  Gave him the box and told him to take it, go home and use it, and shut up.

Tyler gave me a not so nice goodbye, and mumbled something about this had better work or I was a dead man as Iím the phone tester not himÖ and on and onÖ.

About two hours later I got a call from Tyler.  I kid you not.  He had a Smile in his voice.  I asked him if he unpacked the phone system.  I got a short and to the point answer.  Yep, itís great; Iím talking on it now.  In fact Iím outside working on some stuff and using a headset.  I told him I was glade he liked it.  And to have fun while he can as the system has to be returned in about 60 days.

The line got very quit, and then he said.  You take this phone away from me and youíre a dead man.  I donít care. Siemans will never get this phone back.  They can sue us.  Iím keeping it.  Itís mine now.  I love it.  I pulled out all those ^%#%*^ phone wires.  I donít need the phone company anymore.  Iím free to have a phone were ever I want.  You even think of taking this phone back, and your dead...

Now, to set the record straight Tyler really is a nice guy.  He really would never kill me.  I understood that he was just so happy that he a non-phone person could open up a box.  Sets up a two line phone system, with voice mail, and put a phone extension were ever he wanted one.  And the best part of all, only Ĺ an hour after opening the box, he never needed the phone company again.  This was a free man talking.  And he wants to stay free.  Free to never have to put up with expensive frustrating phone wires again.

Now we have piece here at BizNet.  We no longer hear about the ^&^%^$# phone company.  Now we hear about the best phone system ever invented.  ďThis thing even works as a baby monitor. Iím never giving it backĒ.

So now itís the end of the year.  And we have peace on earthÖ  Until we have to tell Siemens that Tyler wonít let go of their phone systemÖ

So, if youíre starting another year, with another round of having to get the phones in your house workingÖor just need more phones. And you donít want to pay big bucks for the wiring.  Do what Tyler did.  Get your hands on the Siemens Gigaset 2420.  You will never let go of it.

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"This system will change the industry and free you from the phone company!!!"

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