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By Sharon Wolfe, QuickBooks Certified Professional Advisor

IT’S HERE – 2001 (QuickBooks Pro version 2001 that is!)

And it’s great!

  1. You can now e-mail Invoices and Estimates.
  2. It has SPELL CHECK!
  3. If you have version 2000 and do not like the Navigator bar and REALLY MISS your icons (shortcuts) – they’re back! And you can get more on the bar (I use 17 icons).

If you have versions 99 and prior, the upgrade is a must – it has more features that make working in QuickBooks faster and easier, such as:

1.      Integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Act! As well as Word and Excel.

2.      Puts you back to where you began in a report when “drilling down”.

3.      Allows you to set pricing levels (by %) of items for sale to customers (such as a Wholesale price, a Distributor price and a Retail price for the same item, without creating 3 separate inventory items.

4.      Process/create multiple reports and print them simultaneously.

5.      When entering Bills, you now have 20 characters of space to use for the reference (Invoice or account).

6.      When Paying Bills, allows you to GO TO the bill directly from the Pay Bills screen.

7.      Reports can now be grouped into categories, such as Vendor Reports, Customer Reports, etc. instead of one long alphabetical listing.  And more…

All and all, I’d say it is friendlier to use than version 2000, with additional enhancements that anyone who uses their QuickBooks software daily will readily find worthwhile!

Prices (single user):      

Upgrade Pro version: $169.95 after rebate

Upgrade standard version: $89.95 after rebate

Technical Details:

Your computer needs:

1.        105 MB of additional hard drive space plus Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 (which comes with v.2001) and takes an additional 70 MB of hard drive space

2.        An IBM compatible 100 MHz Pentium computer or higher (200 MHz is recommended and I find 400 the minimum of you are a heavy user.

3.        A minimum of 32 megabytes of RAM, however 64 is recommended (and I find really necessary).

4.        2x CD-ROM drive (double-speed) or higher.

5.        8-bit or 16-bit sound card if you want to use the sound features

6.        256-color VGA or SVGA monitor or better. Inuit recommends a resolution of 800 x 600 or higher.

7.        Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 3 (or higher), 2000 or Windows 95, 98 or ME

8.        Internet access (with a connection speed of 28.8 or higher) is required for Payroll and all online features/services.

9.        Printer supported by Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0/2000.

QuickBooks Certified Advisors in your location can be found at www.QuickBooks.com under Support, QuickBooks advisors. 

A Certified QuickBooks Professional Advisor (as opposed to a QuickBooks Professional Advisor) has this designation because they have successfully completed a minimum of 16 hours of testing on-line with Intuit (makers of QuickBooks).

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