Fight Domestic Violence.... 
Get A New Cell Phone

It should go without saying; there is no excuse for Domestic Violence!  Unfortunately, a lot of people still canít control themselves.  Some times itís incredibly difficult to do anything about the problem.

Other times it is very easy.  So, how easy is it?  Just Clean out your closet and get rid of that old cell phone.

A coalition of groups has gotten together to support a program called ďA Call To ProtectĒ.  The following is taken from their site at:                                                                            

CALL to PROTECT has helped to protect tens of thousands of potential victims of domestic violence. Unfortunately, many more people are in danger and need help. Through the CALL to PROTECT "Give Back" campaign, the wireless industry collects no longer used wireless phones and sends them to Motorola and Brightpoint, Inc. to be recycled, refurbished and tested. The phones are then given to participating wireless carriers who activate the phones with donated airtime and distribute them to domestic violence organizations.

To donate your used wireless phone to help fight domestic violence, mail the phone, battery and charger to:


c/o Brightpoint, Inc.

Technical Services

5732 W. 71st Street

Indianapolis, IN 46278

If you would like a receipt for tax purposes and/or additional information about CALL to PROTECT, please contact the Wireless Foundation at

For more information :

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