Y2K... We Survived... Now What?
You're Not Disaster Proof!

  If you’re reading this, then you made it though Y2K.  But some people never even got the chance.


On December 15, 1999, a flood and mudslide obliterated the town of Carmen de Uria in Venezuela.  Over 30,000 are believed dead.  The government is planning on “Just dynamiting this place and turning it into a cemetery”.


Over 30,000 people lost their lives.  It had nothing to do with any Y2K issues.  It was a totally “Natural” disaster.


The point is.....  Some type of disasters happen all the time......  Fires, Floods, Earthquakes, Tornados, Hurricanes, and so on.  So, if you did nothing for Y2K and survived, good for you, but read on.  If you stocked up on emergency supplies for Y2K, like food, water, and so on, then hold on to that stuff and get ready to get more!


More? Yes, more.  First, get to know the hazards of your area.  Is it Fire, Floods, Earthquakes, and so on.  Now make a list of all the stuff you will need to keep going when you get hit by that natural disaster.  Note I said when, not if.  Every place is going to get hit by some disaster at some point in time.  So, get ready for it.


I can tell you, being ready can make a big difference in how you survive and handle the disaster.  The Northridge Earthquake in California hit me.  Most of my emergency supplies double as my camping supplies.  So, I had, Shelter, Heat, Light, Food, and Water.  In fact, I was not a very happy camper, but I really was a “comfortable” one.  In addition to my camping supplies, I also had some Automatic Emergency Lights in the house.  When the power went off.  These lights came on.  I was one of the few people that did not have to escape my house in the dark.  I had plenty of light to see around the broken glass etc.  The Pry Bar I had also helped to get my Garage Door open so I could get my car out (it also helped to open up several doors for the neighbors, and my two-story ladder helped us get a neighbor out of her house after her stairway was blocked).


Look, when it hits the fan...... Believe me, you really do want to survive.  Having the right supplies can make a big difference.


So, don’t get rid of those Y2K supplies.  Add to them if need be.  If you have no Emergency Supplies... What are you waiting for... A Disaster!


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