The Good News Is You Survived Y2K.... 
The Bad News Is So Did The Spammers!

  So, lets start the New Year off by showing the proper respect for Spam...  That is no respect.


So, with that in mind... Never respond to spam.  No matter whom it is from, or how good the promise is that they really will remove you from that list.  Chances are you will not get off the list and you’re just going to get even more.  More? Why? Becomes you just confirmed that your address is a good one.  Confirmed E-Mail addresses are worth more to a spammer.


So, how did these leeches get your address anyway?  Most likely from a posting on the Internet, a “user profile”, and so on.  So what can you do?  The honorable thing.  Lie, and lie like a rug.  Whenever you can.  Don’t give out your “real” E-Mail address.  If you have to try this: If your real address is, try posting it as  This will goof up a lot of spammers as they will pick up your address as  An address that will not work.  Hopefully anyone who needs to reach you will figure out that they need to remove the “REMOVE” part of your address.


Another thing you can do if you need to post a good address is to use a temporary E-Mail address at such a service like Hot Mail.  Set up the account at Hot Mail, then use that address in your online postings.  After you don’t need it anymore, delete it.  Just make sure you change the settings in your browser so it does not automatically post your real information.


One last thing.  Lets fink on them.  Report the spammer to the following :

When you report spammers to this site, it will supply you with the information on who to complain to .  Like the hosting ISP.  With a little luck, you can get the spammers site shut down.  The site also has lots of other useful information and links.

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