What to expect in the year 2000
Written By A Member Of The 2000 Generation.
A High School Student. 
By: Heather Jarvis 

                Itís the start of the new decade, a new century, a new millennium, and a new beginning for some of us.  This Year is special because there are only so many people who get to witness such a historic event of the turning of the century.  This year there is so much to expect because we have now reached our peak in our civilization and are ready to explore our boundaries into the unknown. In the future I see us curing diseases, ending world hunger, and finally believing in the dream of world peace. In the next year you should stop to smell the roses and enjoy our beautiful scenery before we can no longer see what real beauty is because we will have consumed every natural resource.  Or maybe in the year 2000 we will find a new energy source and learn to love nature instead of destroying it, but I wouldnít get your hopes up. 

                I am expecting lots of new and interesting things this year, such as a new baby to help care for, finishing my first year of high school, and really understanding the true meaning of summer.  This summer I plan to accomplish water-skiing on one ski and having the best summer ever, as always.  Then of course the seasonal time comes along where we have grumpy shoppers and sleepy salesmen, but all in all I bet this will be the best year because of the possibilities of the New Year to come. 

We have all had our dreams of the future, and it seems that as times continues, the future doesnít seem so far away.   Our dreams have come very close to reality and we can now have a fresh start to reach our long forgotten goals. I personally canít wait for this year to unfold and see what the future really looks like.  Good luck to everyone who canít wait to see the future, maybe it will turn out the way you want it, and maybe perhaps you will be the ones to change it for the better, because we al know the world needs it.  Maybe I expect too much of the year, of the future, or maybe my expectations are too high, but I sure canít wait to see what happens!  But what can we really expect for the year to come?  Stay tuned to see what happens.        

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